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hannah whitaker

Hannah Whitaker is a punk rocker who loves to skateboard, likes rock and goth music,funny,and likes to draw. Hannah Whitaker is 13 years old and going to Garldfeild Middle school in Hamilton, Ohio.

confused Edit

what in the world am i supossed to write here ? did i write supossed right?

My MusicEdit

Hey people who are reading this page. This topic is about the kind of music i like and the kind that i hate. So if you like rap and stuff like that you might as well stop reading because i'm going to wright my opinon about it. [i hate it]

i'm writing about the music i like. i like rock ,gothic, and punk.My favorite bands are evanescence and green day.Evanescence is a gothic band. Amylee [the singer] can sing really good live. She rocks! My favorite song they sing is My Imortal. i think the song is about a girl who lost someone and can't bring them back or something like that. Hello and Going under are really good songs too. i had one of their cd's but i think my brother broke it. Stupid brother .Green Day is a punk rock band. They rock! My favorite song they sing is either Holiday, Boulvard of Broken Dreams ,or Twenty One Guns. The video to holiday was weird but i liked it but what was up with the old lady.She did not need to wear that. Chills. Billy Joe [singer] is a really good singer live too. Not to be critizising anyone but billy joe should realy stick with black hair not blonde.Sorry dude.But you rock.

Now i'm writing about the music i don't like. i don't like rap or pop and stuff like that.In rap music you can't understand what they are saying. Most girls in their music videos are nasty. Like lady ga ga,she is really nasty. Aint she a lessbean? She dosen't look good in red lipstick. Your not Chirstina Agluara. For Pete's sake she is stupid.

Well i'm done writing about music because i can't think of anything else to write. Soo bye.